also first post

I will try the Software and then comes some feetback.

At this time I had problems to install the Software in Win7 64Bit. But I working on it.

I can say on my second PC with WinXP it works perfect. Thank you for your work. Great Job. As I read on another post…for the LS9 it´s really an interesting feature to have the Graphic-EQ´s on the same way.

Try this:

Thank you for your help. Now it works perfect. I´ll think i need a bigger Screen. First Tests are working fine. Today I have a Live Situation. I will see how it works.
I think the Soundcheck is a good time to test it.

and now after the concert I can say, perfect. I use the Software over WLAN as Monitor-Mixing-Desk on a PC on Stage. :eusa_clap:
With a Touchscreen-Monitor (Acer T230H). Fantastic. No Errors. No Crashes.

Getting LS9 sorted… downloading SOF!

This is also my first post. My church just purchased an LS9-32 and I’m the lucky nerd who gets to figure it all out. I came across this forum trying to find an alternative means to using the SOF functionality remotely (either with studio manager or stage mix). What luck that there has already been an effort to add this capability to studio manager.

…new here as well…heard a lot of sof but never tried it myself.
Hope it works for me.
regards. max.