Can I lock/unlock the console with Companion and will Companion functions work while desk is locked?

Was wondering if … and I will test.when I reach trust level… but maybe someone else already had… if the console is locked… can it still be sent commands… to say unmute a mic… without needing to be unlocked… ? Or unlocking because of the command…

With the MIDI module? Absolutely.
It’s pretty cool to press one button and lock the console, without going into setup, etc. on the console!

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Maybe my question was worded wrong… while the console is locked… without unlocking… or have the console unlock…can you send a midi message via streamdeck that unmutes the podium mic for example… while the console continues to stay locked otherwise

Yes, of course.
Same goes for StageMix, MonitorMix, CL/QL Editor, BTW.

Just wanted to let you know that you can also set up a companion button to lock or unlock the console. :slight_smile: