Companion v3.x.x modules for Yamaha

RCP and MIDI modules for Companion v3 are now available.
Both modules can be tested using the same method, except for the name (RCP vs MIDI).
Any problems or questions, please let me know!

PLEASE DO NOT TEST ANY BETA MODULES ON AN ACTUAL SHOW while it’s still being debugged.

Feel free to post questions or issues in a new thread and thank you for giving it a whirl. v3 is incredibly powerful and it’s exciting to think what people will be able to do with it!

Thanks everyone for your help and support!

P.S. Same rules as before, in that you need a trust level of 1 or greater to get to the next page or download the files.

Here are the instructions on how to get started
(If you see an “Oops” message, you haven’t logged in or you don’t have the trust level YET! - see here .)

If you get stuck, you can try the new Chat function here if I’m online, or send me a DM if not.