Companion Yamaha-SCP v1.2.3

Better action names, bug fixes and now “My Channel”!

Hey Andy
Feature Request…

Could you add a 'Default Input Channel" in the Yamaha-Scp Configuration page?
And then have that option included as one of the Channel options in the channel list for each option that has an in channel selection.
OR maybe add a couple of ‘defaults’ like actually naming them “FOH TTS Mic Ch”, and “MONs TTS Mic Ch”.

Reasoning behind this is because when setting up a TTS scenario - each TTS button could potentially have several instances where you need to specify which input channel you’re using for a TTS mic. If each of those instances could have a ‘Default Mic Input Channel’ (variable) specified instead of a specific channel number - it would save an enormous amount of time, when moving between desks of different channel counts.

Don’t know about you - but I always like to put both MONs and FOH TTS mic channels at the end of the board Ch63/64 etc. But if I’m then put in front of a desk with only 32 channels, I’d have to reprogram maybe 10x TTS mixes x7 instances - 70 places! Instead of just 1 place!

Attached here is an update to the MONs SD Layout. ONLY “TTS MIX1” has all the options for both FOH and MONs TTS’s (Although I’ve added buttons for all the other TTS’s), and now I’ve put separate buttons to turn on/off TTS for either MONs or FOH separately.
And a Reverb On/Off for good measure.

Interesting idea. Let me look into that.

No bugs so far? Is the feedback working better now?

Don’t know about the Feedback issue yet, until I can plug it back into an actual desk.
Which may be a while - in the UK, we’re all home for a few months atm #coronavirus

How are you guys holding up over there?

Ok. Feedback should work more the way you expected it to work, with “off” feedback unnecessary. Action names look better now?

Corona? One day at a time. I returned back from tour on the 12th (which is starting to be dubbed the “Dark Day”) and have done the conscientious thing and self-isolated for a while to make sure all is well. Not that I have anywhere to go, mind you…

Added a “My Channel” option to the config. The channel numbers are now a drop down, and you can select “My Channel” and it will be replaced by the channel you chose in the config.

Could be that doing this breaks something, so let me know how it works. I’m HOPING it doesn’t affect the other functions!

Updated 2020-03-21 18:05 MST