Connect companion stream deck and desk


Have a question…Should the ql/cl editor be open and connecteted online to the desk, or can companion connect directly to the desk without the editor open?. Im trying to figure out the best way to do it


It’s one or the other.
To connect to the console directly, put in the IP address of the CL/QL in the configuration screen.
If you decide you want to connect to the Editor instead, check the “Use Editor” check box. You may have to disable/enable the instance after making that change.

Thanks Andy!!.Works fine through both ways. Nice.

Right now I’m starting to use the MACRO MIDI that you’ve created. Awesome work!!!.

Just another question, do you know how to manually copy and paste actions between sections “key down actions” and “key up actions”? I want to create a button with latch on/off function, so that the up action cancel the down action of an elaborated macro, and so i don’t have to write it manually

(for example, " down action" : send on fader on+ cuemix1 + change custom layer, and the “up action” should be: send on fader off+ no cuemix1 + change custom layer to other state).

I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to do it

Use the toggle function of the Macro.
Watch the video that Jay and I made. (If you’re short on time, jump to around 12:10 in the demo)