DLive - Companion Command Request and 1 Bug

Hey there,

I’m doing a lot of programming for the DLive. Firmware V1.88

One bug comes up.

  • The “Talkback On” command creates an internal error in the Mix Rack. It also does not activate the talkback button.

Similar to the Yamaha commands, is it possible to program
1- InCH / ToMix / Level
2- InCH / ToMix / On Off
3- Press / SoftKey / #


Hi RockyRoad;

Thank you for letting me know about this issue with the talkback. I just checked it on Firmware 1.87 and it seems to be fine. Looks like they might have changed the command unfortunately.
That and “Virtual Soundcheck” are undocumented commands that were sniffed out by some very helpful people here on the forum. Might have to see if they’re up for some more detective work to find what the command has changed to.
Such is the problem with A&H and their lack of documentation!

Regarding the other commands, does the MIDI spec support those commands? (I haven’t checked)

Looks like the Send levels are available in the MIDI spec, but not the SoftKeys.
Disappointing that the other A&H consoles support remote softkey operation by MIDI, but not the dLive!

Thanks for the info. Maybe I can get some info direct from Allen Heath for midi specs, since we are setting up two DLive’s in our studios. I know that there is a new firmware in the works supposedly for later this month…

Best of luck!

Hey Andy,

Just wondering if these commands will eventually be available sometime on the DLive? I know I asked this as a command request and I have no clue what it takes to program this.

1- InCH / ToMix / Level
2- InCH / ToMix / On Off

I’m programming work arounds. Luckily the DLive allows me a lot of channels to copy. Basically the work around is to copy multiple times the same channel to send to various mixes. In this case it’s to create IFB style talkbacks. The commands above would save me from doing this…


I think those could be done. It’s finding the time!

Yeah I know. Never enough time…

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