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Greetings to All,

New member here, first post.

I recently bought 6 DTR650s, all factory brand new. The radios and batteries have an October 2016 manufacture date. I decided to spend the extra bucks and get all new equipment to have full warranty coverage and have all updates done to date. I didn’t want to take any chances with used and beat up equipment on eBay. I bought the 7" antenna for each and also bought the programming cable to use the CPS.

I’ve owned a pair of DLR1060s for a year and traded up to the DTR650s even though I know the DTRs are a much older model series. I sold my pair of DLRs to a ham friend and he loves them so I’ve introduced another person to the DTR/DLR fold.

The DTRs are replacing my use of GMRS/FRS for local on-site simplex type use because the DTRs work so well for their intended use. I was sold on the DTRs after using the DLRs for a year. I knew a about the DTRs back when the Gen1 DTRs were on the market. My wife and I had NEXTEL i355 phones back then and used the Direct Talk feature and loved that mode. I found the DTRs while researching i355’s DT feature. The 900MHz commercial market exploded on the scene during that time and then fizzled and I had thought the DTRs sort of faded away too, but no, they alive and well and still are current product on Motorola’s website. Some accessories are NLA but new DTRs seem to be readily available. The DTRs are shown with the DLRs when searching Moto’s website for digital on-site business radios.

I decided to get all new equipment while I can. Mine are all less than 3 months old from the factory. Moto has a real gem of a product for the niche market that it serves. I don’t want to see the DTRs discontinued and it would be nice to see a few new models added.

My DTRs are all working EXCELLENT and are long term keepers.

Have fun!

Welcome! I hope some of the information you find here is helpful.

Thanks! OK, second post here. It’s great to know there actually IS a place for information about the DTRs and DLRs!

thank you so much