DTR650 / Flash Cable Pinout?

Anyone have the dtr pinout for DTR or associated flash cable? Batlab doesn’t seem to.

This is the best information so far.

Well shoot. I’d really rather not apply +12V to the radio until someone else confirms it works.

Say, since you have a flash cable maybe you could throw a voltmeter onto pin 12 and see if it really is +12V? And +5V on pin 3?

black usb cable to gnd, red one to pin 3, green to pin 1, white to pin 2, and 12v dc to pin 12.

Not sure which pin is ground on the motorola side though.

Really wouldn’t be a hard cable to make if these are true.

My guess is that the ‘complexity’ in the regular cable is the DC to DC converter that makes 12v from 5v.

No doubt. I’m happy to source my 12V from a conveniently located PSU on the bench. Not very portable that way, but how often you need to flash a radio?