Error loading module 'chai'

I’m having some trouble adding the dlive (q 16) instance to Companion. I’m running the Feb 12, 2021, experimental / beta build. When I try to add the instance, I get this error in my log:

module(allenheath-dlive): Error loading module: Error: Cannot find module ‘chai’ Require stack: - C:\Program Files\Companion-dlive-beta\resources\app.asar\lib\module\allenheath-dlive\actions.js - C:\Program Files\Companion-dlive-beta\resources\app.asar\lib\module\allenheath-dlive\index.js - C:\Program Files\Companion-dlive-beta\resources\app.asar\lib\instance.js - C:\Program Files\Companion-dlive-beta\resources\app.asar\app.js - C:\Program Files\Companion-dlive-beta\resources\app.asar\electron.js -

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

I have vMix and other instances loaded, this is the only one that gives me troubles.

Are you running the build from here or bitfocus?

Thanks for the reply. I’m running the version from here, the custom build of companion 2.2.0, dated Feb 12, 2021, Windows version.

Ok, thanks. I’m not sure what might be causing that error, but if you’re not using the Yamaha-MIDI module, you can try the latest beta from bitfocus.
Meanwhile, thank you for reporting this, I’ll look into what this is.

Thanks for the tip. I downloaded beta companion-2.2.0-a614c19f-3145-win64 produced 2 days ago by Keith Rocheck and that seems to work. I haven’t tested functionality yet, but the qu-16 instance definitely loads. Thanks!

No problem. I’m a bit behind on my builds.
Their build has new modules for the QU and SQ that look to be excellent!

Going forward, my A&H module will be just dLive and iLive.