Feature Request/Workflow Suggestion

Hi Andy,

Been using the MIDI module a whole bunch, and am running into a current limitation that turns into a time-suck. I use companion in yamaha-land a lot to do bigger routing changes (20+ actions). For the InputToMix, InputToMatrix, and MixToMatrix functions, is there a way to break out the desired mix/matrix into a dropdown menu, just like the channel selection?

The limitation I run into is that when I want to duplicate the functions of a button, but applied to a different mix, I have to rebuild the entire button’s actions. The macro function is useful, but especially for bigger lists of actions I end up spending a lot of time deleting feedback and it’s also easy to miss something.


Hello, thanks for writing in.

I assume you’re speaking of commands like:

Where to change that to Mix 3 would require the entire command to be changed to:

for example?

Exactly that.

Looking through the command list, the ones that jump out at me as really benefiting from a change like this would be the ones you mentioned and the other functions that behave similarly. (Mix2Pos, Mix2On, Mix0102Pan–you get the idea) Also, Mute Group and DCA Assignments. I wonder if this approach could help abbreviate the CustomBlock and CustomFader command families? Not sure how all this works from the programming side of things and how ‘modular’ these pieces are, so if it’s a no-go I totally get it.

Happy to help test stuff as needed! Nice work on AV Educate tonight; I was originally going to post this question during that webcast but figured this would be a better venue to get into it.

Understood. Thank you for your kind words!

Since those are each separate commands as determined by Yamaha and not just parameters, it would be a significant effort to change, but, I will take a look and see if there might be another way to make things easier.

Would the SCP module work better for those sort of assignments?

Yes. Yes it would!

(I didn’t realize the two modules handled this differently, as I had pretty much started using the MIDI one right away. How 'bout that?)

Thanks again for the guidance.

Cool. As I’m sure you know, you can have a mix of SCP and MIDI commands on the same button.