Feature Requests: More Variables Support in RCP and MIDI

Would it be possible to have the Custom Fader Bank Action (I’ll attach an image) “Source Channel” Be able to use a variable? So that I can set my Custom Fader Banks in my Google Sheet and be able to set the Custom Fader Banks for both my CL5 and QL5 at the same time.

Also, I use Ableset with Ableton. In Ableset’s module, it has a BPM variable. Could the EffectBPM action be changed to allow the use of variables? So that we could set the BPM for our delay to always match the tempo of the songs? Our Sound Guys often forget to tap sync those.

Thank you for all your help! Still been running rock solid even on my older Mac!


Well, the first one is easy enough, it’s already possible, just not obvious. Because of the way drop-downs are handled, it doesn’t show the handy $ symbol above the value so it’s not clear that a variable can be used. But it can.

The variable needs to be “CH1” for Channel 1, “CH2” for Channel 2 and so on. Needs to look the same as it does in the drop-down.

The 2nd one will need a little more work. I haven’t yet added Variable support at all for the MIDI module, and I really want to. ESPECIALLY so that the “Selected Channel” can be used in the RCP module!

I hope to get to it at some point, but so many other projects still ahead of it. Please do poke me again though to keep that as a priority if you don’t see something eventually.

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Oh awesome! Thank you!