Hey, I'm the new guy!

Would really like to use SOF. Obviously, I’m new here…As Yamaha just released the LS9 and M7 editors with SM for Mac, I have installed it on my laptop and am running LS9 via wireless router.
Is there a version for me?


Weclome, Drew!

I have no idea how to program for Macs, so unless some Mac programmer is interested in the project, it’s not likely to ever happen.

Well, there is SOF in the Yamaha software for Mac for the M7, but unfortunately not for the LS9.

I’d like to think that they ended up adding this feature after they saw how popular my program was. :slight_smile: So far it’s still the only solution for all the other Yamaha consoles, but Yamaha may end up adding this to their other editors as well.

I am also now running Studio Manager on my Mac! Woohoo!

One of the first things I noticed was that the M7 Editor has a SOF option, but the LS9 Editor did not. Doh!

Our LS9 serves as strictly a monitor console, but without this feature, it will be a pain to tweak monitors remotely. I sure hope someone can help!

Very nice work on the PC add-on though! That’s awesome.