iDen RSS on DTRs

Has anyone successfully used iDen RSS (any version) to modify the DTR550/DTR650 codeplug? I’m trying to enable BERBUG on the devices and this is only way i know how based on my prior experiences with IDEN handsets.
Any information would be appreciated.

Ok, I’m curious…

What’s BERBUG?

Berbug is actually an internal command line test tool capability that’s built into the baseband of each device. Its traditionally found in iDEN devices and since the DTR is really an iDEN device (i315) without the iDEN radio (just the 900MHz Radio) its in there as well. On iDEN devices you have to turn on BERBUG using the RSS tool and then enter a special key sequence on the keypad. BERBUG is accessed using a terminal program. Google BERBUG and you’ll find out some information on it.

Just a guess, but are you using the NNTN6367A cable in “Data” or “Flash” mode?

Does anyone know is a Nextel USB modem cable will work as a flash cable? Thought I would ask before I spend the bucks on the flash cable. Thanks.

The above cable is the ONLY one that works to flash upgrade the DTR. I picked up a different cheaper USB cable with the correct connector to try, but no go.

Yes I have tried the flash cable (in both modes), regular USB cable and serial cable with no success.