Input Delay freezing Companion

Evening all

Really enjoying using this companion build in my workflow. Having trouble with one command inparticular which ends up freezing and becoming unresponsive every time I try to program it even across different browsers


I cannot set a value (it also measures it in dB rather than ms?). The dropdown doesn’t even appear when I click and the whole GUI becomes unresponsive

Using latest build as of today (1st April, promise this ain’t an April Fools either)

Side question:
Is it possible to set relative delay changes rather than absolute? I assume no. Using a macro to bypass external inserts and trying to delay compensate and would be nifty to have it adjust relatively


Hi Dominic;

I hadn’t heard of that problem with InputDelay, than you for reporting it!

Regarding relative/absolute delays, are you speaking of the delays for actions in Companion or for a delay in the console?

Found the problem. They’ll be a fix shortly.

Fixed. Grab today’s build and let me know if it works for you!

Programming wise that looks like it’s sorted it! Cheers Andy for the quick response

Regarding the delay I’m talking about delay in the console which is why I presume it can only be absolute. The scenario I’m using it in is I’m using external inserts on channels on the desk and I’ve set a macro to bypass these external inserts and at the same time delay compensate them (super easy thanks to your companion build!)

However, these compensation delay values then have to be adjusted after we do a lipsync test with video, which is fine and manageable, but curious if anyone may have found a better way if that makes sense

Cool! Thanks again for reporting that bug.

Couldn’t you use outport delay or use a delay from the FX rack inserted on a mix to give you the overall lip sync compensation?

I do also use outport delays in conjunction with input delays and ideally would also need them to adjust relatively as well!

FX rack is a possibility I guess but I’m already maxed out on my insert slots and potentially would require a lot of inserts depending on the gig. Food for thought though

I was thinking it would just be just a single delay on a mix or matrix that has all the channels that need video compensation feeding it?