Hi everyone;

Nice site! I was looking for information about the DTR650 and this is by far the most useful one. Not only technical manuals, but practical advice as well.

I’ve got 1 Gen3 and 3 Gen1 DTR650s that I’m trying to revive. I’m radio and electronics savvy and will be reading through all of the threads to help get them going. :hello2:


Welcome, Bruce!

I hope you find the information here useful. I still hope to one day put together some instructions on how to make your own flash cable. The ones I’ve made work just fine.

Thanks Andy.

Building a flash cable certainly looks do-able except for sourcing the Motorola proprietary connector. Were you ever able to determine if the NKN6559A cable was a suitable donor or does the connector shell need to be destroyed to rewire the pins?

It works great. The case pops in half and if you’re good with tiny wiring jobs it’s not too bad.
I added some pics to the “Build your own Flash Cable” thread.