Looking forward to no more squinting at my tablet... :o)

Hi all,

I’m a new member to the forum, looking forward to trying out the SOF addition to the SM software.

It’s great to know that there’s some talented programmers out there working on stuff like this for all of us that can’t program for toffee. :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to you


I’m new too and I’ve been going crazy trying to find this app cuz I found it once and never bookmarked the page! Thanks for the great work!

I am new here also (from PSW) and just got a tablet to run my LS9-32 from. I hoped to be able to set up initial monitor levels during sound check right up there on the stage where I can hear what the band is hearing too. The overview screen is too painful to do it and it is awkward to move the selected channel to where you need quickly. Also, the knobs are a pain to move with the stylus. So, I saw a pointer to SOF and thought I should try it.

Thanks Andy!


Hi, I’m new blah blah:)

I would love to have SOF for studio manager to run LS9!!! how do I download? how do I get permission?


Another new user. Have just read about the SOF program and figure I will try it out in the field tomorrow!

Thank you for developing this tool for the audio community!