Matrix Issue with SCP Companion Module on Yamaha QL5

I’m having some trouble with matrices on the Companion Module connected to a QL5. It limits the maximum matrix number to 4, and doesn’t offer any InCh/ToMtrx/On or InCh/ToMtrx/Level options.

Are you the same person that opened the issue on GitHub?

Are you still having this problem?

Yeah, you suggested moving it over to here so I did. I’ll post an update tomorrow when I get access to the system again with the version information and troubleshooting steps.

Sounds good. As I said, the commands are all there with the proper 1-8 matrix selection, so not sure what’s happening. Let me know.

BTW, you don’t need to be connected to the console to pick actions, so you can at least check that the functions are there on companion.

Well, I ended up downloading Companion on my laptop at home to check it out, and the correct options do show up, both the matrix on and level selection and the matrix 1-8 all working. The weird thing is, when I first started it up, I could have sworn the matrix on and level options were missing from the list, it was only the second time I started up companion that I found them. I usually looked for them by searching for Inch/toMtrx, so I didn’t think I just missed them, but I don’t know. I guess for right now I’ll credit it to operator error, and see if it was the same problem on the other machine at work tomorrow.

Sounds good.

Let me know either way, and also let me know if you’re still having trouble with macros.

As I mentioned, Macros are a much easier way to add actions. Just record the actions you want from the console. No more hunting!

So I went back to the machine that was giving me trouble, and indeed the issues were correct. It wasn’t displaying channel sends to matrices, either on/off or level options, and matrices were limited to 1-4. However, I removed the connection to the Yamaha QL5 and created a new one, and it started working properly; all the options showed up. So I’m not sure what caused the problem, but it’s fixed.

Excellent. Companion seems to be a little flakey at best. Actions are still listed sometimes even when a module is disabled, which is kinda weird. I’ve had stuff completely out of order and so on as well.
Glad you got it working again.

Issues with Macros are fixed as well?

Yup! There wasn’t really ever issues with Macros, it made sense that they wouldn’t record certain functions if the options for those functions weren’t available.

Excellent. Glad to hear it, and thank you for posting back.