MIDI Module v1.1.1

This latest version has a redesigned Macro system, as well as MANY more commands. It’s pretty full-featured.

Macros now will record what you do, but also add the action to the feedback. It made sense to me that if you have a macro that turns a channel on, you’d probably want feedback to show that the channel was on too, so it automagically adds that as well. If you add many actions, of course you’ll want to delete some of the feedback, leaving just whatever you really want feedback on.

Now if you do a long press on a macro button, it records a LATCHING button, and automagically adds to the release action, the inverse command to the action, but only in the case of on/off type commands as continuous value commands don’t have an “off” function that would make sense.

TONS of changes under the hood so please let me know how it’s working. I don’t have a CL or QL to test this on, I’ve only been using the editor so I don’t yet know if it works properly on a console!

Note that feedback only works properly with a console connected. The Editor doesn’t have the “request” command needed to poll it’s state the way the console does.


Hi Andy
Just downloaded v1.1.1 - Popped the macro button onto the deck - and up popped a Javascript error.
See attached.

Also got this error in the logs:
25. 15:59:27 CORE(cb): db.tmp->db failed: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, rename ‘/Users/User/Library/Application Support/companion//db.tmp’ -> ‘/Users/User/Library/Application Support/companion//db’

Is that ONE too many forward slashes // ?

The Macro did eventually pop up on the button (a few seconds after clicking the JS error away).
Doing a LONG press macro record, turning the HPF on for Ch11. BUT…

I also did it for Ch12 to double check - and the Macro recorded the pressing and toggle off of the Channel - but also added Other Yamaha MIDI Message - Library/LibEditFlag Channel 0 Value 1 for the On Action and the same for the Off Action but with a NULL Value.
Then in the feedback - I got the respective Channel number that I intended with Red for on etc…, but in all of them I also got a second feedback line with 'yamaha-MIDI otherYamParamMsg (undefined) for Channel 1.
Yet this was all from pressing Just a single HPF on a channel, nothing else, didn’t even click it to turn it off, as I guessed the long press macro would sort out the off part.

Only on the editor BTW - still not on console.

Ok, well that error looks like something right in companion. Lemme do some digging.

The (undefined) error is strange too. Lemme dig in on that. If you can reproduce, can you send me the debug log from AFTER all the initialization stuff is done?

Thank you for checking it.

Ok, found the JS error and fixed it and also hid the LibEditFlag message which we don’t need.

The db error is strange, I’m not seeing that one on my end, but I guess if it doesn’t crash it’s not a big deal. We’ll keep an eye on it.

Just building and should have a fix up shortly.

Having trouble reproducing it - although the JS Error pops up again.

Now the Macro won’t auto place itself on my button… I’ll try again later - after a reboot of computer and me (food).

  1. 18:15:27 device(CL18I1A04984): Button 9.25 released
  2. 18:15:26 device(CL18I1A04984): Button 9.25 pressed
  3. 18:13:48 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Req : InputHPF/EQHPFOn Ch:11 Val:true
  4. 18:13:48 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Req : InputHPF/EQHPFFreq Ch:00 Val:63
  5. 18:13:48 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Req : InputHPF/EQHPFOn Ch:00 Val:true
  6. 18:13:48 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Req : InputPhase/Phase Ch:00 Val:true
  7. 18:13:48 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Req : CueMix/CueOn Ch:00 Val:true
  8. 18:13:48 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Socket created to ::ffff:
  9. 18:11:41 CORE(cb): db.tmp->db failed: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, rename ‘/Users/User/Library/Application Support/companion//db.tmp’ -> ‘/Users/User/Library/Application Support/companion//db’
  10. 18:11:41 device(CL18I1A04984): Button 9.1 pressed
  11. 18:11:41 device(CL18I1A04984): Button 8.1 pressed
  12. 18:11:16 instance(yamaha-MIDI): New Commands Logging to: ‘/Users/User/newParamMsgs.json’
  13. 18:11:15 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Server Listening…
  14. 18:11:12 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Device model= CL/QL

No worries. Let me get this build finished and we can try again. Found some other bugs I need to squash.

1.1.2 is up, should be much better, hopefully!