Motorola DTR Radios - Start Here

I’m starting a thread to discuss the Motorola DTR radios. There’s very little on the internet about them, and what I’ve learned I’d like to share.

Might as well start with a link to my Blog post about my experiences so far.

Join up (register) and ask questions or post your experiences.

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Here’s a DTR manual for the Rev3 version of the Radio from 2008.
It was actually kinda hard to find! Even the current Motorola DTR page has only the older Rev1 manual from 2005.
Motorola DTR Manual (Rev3).pdf (1.6 MB)

Here’s a product brief on the new features of the Rev3 firmware. It’s for the DTR650 but most features are the same for all the DTR radios.
DTR650 Product Training FEB2011.pdf (1.6 MB)

Here’s the latest CPS software. Will work with any DTR radio Rev2 or Rev3. The original Rev1 radios will need to be flash updated before they will work with the CPS software. (6.5 MB)

To “Flash” (update the firmware on the DTR radios), you’ll need the Motorola “iDEN USB Flash Cable”, Part # NNTN6367A. It’s about $80.00. There is almost no other way to flash update the firmware on the DTR radio.

NNTN6367A cable 1

Make sure the switch on the cable is in “Flash” position

NNTN6367A cable 2

Ok, so here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

The DTR_Flash_R5E.06.01_setup should work for any radio that has a firmware version below R5E.06.01. The only previous version I’ve seen is on a DTR550 which had R5E.03.03. I don’t know what the Rev1 firmware version is, as it cannot be read by CPS.

The DTR_Flash_R5E.06.05_setup will only work when the radio has firmware that is AT LEAST R5E.06.01, so flash with the above software first.

Download and follow the DTRFlash_UserGuide or you will have problems, especially if you’re running Win7. No idea if it works on Win8, but it certainly doesn’t work on OSX! :wink:

Hopefully Motorola doesn’t have a problem with me posting this. They gave me the software for free and I have not been told nor have I seen anything in the documentation or online that says that I should not distribute it.

If someone knows of any reason this software should not be made available, please let me know. I have no interest in getting in trouble.

DTRFlash_UserGuide.pdf (210.9 KB) (9.6 MB) (9.6 MB)

The newer versions of the CPS software supports several models (RM/RDX/RDM/RMM/DLR/DTR) but is browser-based. Might mean an OSX version in the future?

Updated CPS, version 5.

Updated CPS, version 8.02

Programming Software R08.02