new here!

i’m new in this forum and interested in the prog. sends-on-fader.
i’ll check it out on my ls9/16.


I’m also new here, and also interested in the Sends on Fader Software to test on my Ls9-32.

… sends on fader works great on my ls9!!!
very nice tool, that’s useful frevery sound-engineer, who mixes with yamaha boards …

kind regards from austria,

hola soy nuevo.
gracias por el programa

I’m new too. Looking forward to SOF becoming an important part of my system connected to an Ls9.

Me too - new. Found the board while searching for SOF for remoting my LS9/32. So thanks a lot for giving away this little helper.


and me im lookin foward to trying out sof

I´m new here to…and i would be glad if SOF works for the 02r96 as well :wink:

Posting in order to get download access. Thanks Andy.

Hola, espero aprender mas sobre las mesas Yamaha
Gracias por el foro

Hi im new here, too and will test the SOF for the LS9 console :slight_smile: Have a nice day

I’m also new here. This sends on fader program is just what I have been looking for… thanks so much guys.

New here, looking for SoF for PM5Dv2 to expand control surface.

SoF installed pretty easily and seems to work AWESOME. Wanted to let you know that Yammie wanted Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 even though the docs say 3.5 or greater. Also for the PM5D, the ALL MIX mode does not seem to be there (although I probably don’t need it for what I’m doing).

Ah, ALL MIX does actually work (operator trouble :slight_smile: