Problem changing Input Patch

Hi ,

Been trying to change input patch of the channel from OMNI to DANTE 39, but couldn’t achieve.

I could do the rest of the command and have the time & console to test out any command.

Anyone else is having this issue as well? I have a few other QL & CL lying around that I might be able to test it out as well…

Greetings from Malaysia … this module really helped alot for my use !! Hope the surround features will come soon so that i have less scene that I have to manage to change certain things that I am not able to do with user defined !



The Div commands are now part of the build on this site and also in the main companion build at

As I was saying on GitHub, any time the console responds with “OKm” instead of “OK”, it means “Ok, but not quite”, meaning that it followed the command, but the parameters were out of range, like setting the gain below +10db. Send it this code:

set MIXER:Current/InCh/Port/HA/Gain 65 0 1100

it will respond:

OKm set MIXER:Current/InCh/Port/HA/Gain 65 0 1000

So, it changed the gain, but only to it’s minimum, which is +10db, not the +11db that was requested. That’s why it responds “OKm” rather than “OK”.

In your case, there must be a reason that the channel cannot patch to DANTE40.
To help diagnose this, please record a macro of you changing the input patch on the console for that channel and show the debug log.

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Hi Andy,

Macro pressed :

Macro recorded :

Result :

Still doesnt work, weird.

Thank you for that test. (Can you post bigger screenshots - I can’t read the bottom one)

It’s kinda hard to tell what’s happening. I’ll see if I can test this on my end when I get a chance.

If you change the patch to a different OMNI instead of Dante, does that work?

If you change a MIX output patch does that work?

Ok, I figured this out.

DANTE INPUT patch is read-only. You cannot set the Patch to anything DANTE via SCP. You can change to OMNI and things like that, but no DANTE patching is allowed. That’s Yamaha’s thing, nothing I can do there.


Yup I have checked as well, can only patch to another Omni rather than Dante. Bummer :(.
The input patch function seems not helpful now since I guess most production won’t even use OMNI input (unless on a QL on a analog snake) … oh well…

MIX Output Patch does work.

Thanks for clarifying this anyway

Hiya, has there been any development with this?

What do you mean?
It’s a closed issue that cannot be changed as that’s the way Yamaha made it.

Hi Andy, wasn’t sure if it was something that could be raised with Yamaha to see if they can allow this action?

Not likely to happen, but you never know.
in the meantime, use the MIDI module I made. It doesn’t have that limitation.

In case you weren’t aware, the MIDI module is only in my builds here on this site.

Thanks Andy, is this a module in Companion? if so what is it called? currently looked for Yamaha-midi as per a video in one of the forum discussions but the only thing showing in the latest beta build of companion is the Yamaha SCP module??