Sends on Fader for Mac OSX

Any thoughts of making a Mac OSX version of SOF? Once Yamaha made their Mac version of Studio Manager for the LS9 and M7CL, I don’t need to go into Boot Camp to connect anymore. My main board in the booth is the DM2000 and the 01V96 so I’ve always had a Mac version of Studio Manager for those. I just use the LS9 for guest mixers who need to set up in the audience and I like to connect to the LS9 in case he (or she) needs some help and just to monitor what they’re doing.

Well, the LS9 and M7CL have the stagemix for iPad, and the M7CL has SOF within the SM available for PC and Mac. I assume that an LS9 version will come out soon if it hasn’t already.

But to answer your question… I won’t ever be making a Mac version as I don’t own a Mac. :slight_smile: