smaller foot print for SOF window?

Hi there;

1st post.
I just checked the tiny flash animation that demonstrates SOF.
I have to try it out.
My first reaction was how much space it is occupying on the screen.
95% of the time I’m forced to mix from 12" LCD tablet PC with 1280x768 resolution and the screen real estate is golden when you have to mix a 14 piece band with 26 channels on a LS9.
This is a must have feature on studio manager, I don’t understand why yamaha didn’t already include.
Anyway, it is great to see someone took his time to make this band aid solution. :eusa_clap:
Yamaha is a huge company, but I never understood the behavior of their software programming department. :frowning: No more support for mLan, and a few older hardware…

Try out the program. The window it uses can be resized in many different ways, even vertically instead of horizontally. You can click a button on it’s statusbar to make it stay on top too.

That is right.
The window is resizable and can have different directional shape.
Very good!!! :eusa_clap: