SOF finally working!

Hi Andy and all others!

I have finally found out why SOF didn’t work for me: I had SM enabled in Nuendo, so it captured the raw MIDI port. SOF and MIDI yoke hung when tried to access the port and I had to restart the computer to be able to use the port again.

Now I have disabled SM inside Nuendo (I use standalone SM anyway) and it works now…

Last time I wanted to use I had a problem with wireless coverage, next time I’ll backup it with cat5 cable :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a nice day!


Well, holy crap! You’ve been having trouble for a long time, I seem to recall. That’s great that you found the problem. So far, I’ve not found any bugs in SOF that keep it from working, except for the x64 one, which has been fixed.

Glad to hear from you again, Jano! Have a great day.