SOF issue and 1st post to download latest version


I’ve had SOF installed for over a year now and have alwalys had a problem where when I switched to a mix/mixes often, the faders on SM would freeze on whatever mix it decided. SM would show as offline although I COULD move faders on the main mix but they would jump to the postions shown on SM 1st then to where ever I placed them. With that issue I never did much on SOF but SM worked flawlessly as long as I stayed on stereo mix.

I just intalled all the latest drivers from Yamaha. Same issue but now when it shows offline, I can not move any faders on the console.

I am now going to download and install the latest version of SOF.

All of the above happens wired or wireless. Console is LS9. All is well if I stay on the stereo mix.

Oh yea, Windows Vista


I’ve never heard of that problem before. Sounds like a communications issue, but odd that aren’t having any problems with SM alone.

Are you using the latest MIDI Yoke?

Have you tried it on another computer?

I’ll see what version of midi yoke I have.

Only tried on the one computer so far.

Oh, should the green midi light stay solid or flash. Mine flashes.

Midiyoke v1.75

The light flashes as the program receives or transmits MIDI. Shows you that there’s activity happening.

Sounds like the latest MIDI Yoke, can you try the program on another computer to see if you have the same problem? I think there must be something up with your configuration since the program’s been out for years and nobody’s ever said they are having the problem you are having.