Thanks for Everything.

Thanks Andy for making this great site and continuing to work for the betterment of Audio Engineers Everywhere!
My Name is Ben Krumholz and I am a staff engineer for Maryland Sound International. Based out of Baltimore Maryland USA.
I use many different products and look forward to learning how to use The stream deck and companion with Yamaha Commercial Audio Consoles.

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Thanks again for making this… I made it work by watching the videos! Thanks to Andy and Jay for making those…
I had all the settings right but needed to “Disable and Re-enable the Instance” to make it work…
Now to donate a bite and figure out what i want to do with it and also buy a bigger stream-deck.
Amazed that i didn’t know a product like companion existed… AWESOMENESS!


Thank you, Ben, for your kind words!

Yes, there seems to be something in companion that requires that disable/enable to make it work. Haven’t been able to get to the bottom of it, but it’s easy enough to do once you know.


Welcome Ben!

BTW, companion and stream deck are awesome.

Guess maybe I should have mentioned this earlier!. :slight_smile:

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