Unable to go into program mode DTR 410 and early 550.

I have tried to get into program mode on two DTR410’s and one DTR550.

I push and hold the house symbol and push the PTT button 3 times, but it does invoke the programming mode.
Also the 550 that I have is one of the first and it doesn’t work with CPS.
Any advice would be welcome.


It’s not working because that’s not the key sequence to get into programming mode.
The manual is available for downloading here. I highly recommend that you take a little time and read through the information I’ve put into that thread. It took quite a bit of time to compile.

Page 4-2 in the manual shows the proper sequence.

Thanks Andy,
It was definitely my fault. I did see those instructions the first time and what ever made me fail to implement “ALL” of the steps is beyond me.
I was able to successfully get into the programming mode. I don’t blame you for losing your patience with me.


I’m just happy the information helped. Enjoy! :cheers: