Understanding MIDI functions

Yesterday I downloaded the Yamaha MIDI Module. Trying to figure out all the functions. Input, Mix, Stereo, Matrix and DCA have fadelevelon, fadestartoffset and fadelevelon options. Which are the uses for those?. Can I check them with the editor? Thanks

Best way to use this module is via the Macro function.
That way you don’t have to figure out the commands. Just do what you need on the console or Editor and the functions will be recorded.

The editor works with the Module, but you have to select it in the Edit menu of the Module Instance. You may also need to disable and enable the Module after making that change.
Please read the Help file to understand the operation. (Click on the “?” by the Module name)

I’m ussing the macro function, but i’m trying to fade a channel (working from the CL editor), but nothing seems to happen (no fade action). So I guess myself if these functions could work for this setup, editing the macro manually.

Gotcha. I expect the fade functions do actually change the scene fade settings, but just like the console, you need to enable them for each scene that you want to cross fade and then recall the scene for it to actually happen.
The module does not do anything that’s not already possible with the console or editor, it just automates the functions.

The fader functions you mention in your first post are likely for setting triggers that can happen when you use fader tally Gpi.

Again, do what you want to do on the console first to see what’s possible. If you get crossfading to work on the console (or some other function) you should be able to record it as a macro and then automated it with the module.