Using SOF offline

Hello Andy, my name is Martin Chiervo, i´m a sound technique from Buenos Aires, Argentina and i want to thank you for design this great aplication, really is the thing i need because i start to work with monitor and i normaly have 11 mixes with 30 diferents channels and its become a little complicated with de editor. I read the entired PDF and see the images but i can´t make that the Yammie sends on faders to comunicate with the editor, all the midi settings is configured properly and i have instaled the midiYoke, and the steps are exactly like the PDF says. Can you give me a little help ??? Sorry for my poor english, my language is the spanish.
Thank you, i send you this pic that shows my configuration.
I wait for you response, thank you again


Hi Martin and welcome!

The program does not work without a connection to the mixing console. From the picture you linked, you have not set any MIDI ports for the console connection, so I assume you are trying to use the program without a physical console connected. That will not work.

Connect up to a mixing console and set the MIDI ports and all will be well.

First, thank you foryour response.
Yes, i was trying to use without the mixer… there is no way to do this ? any update comming soon or something ?
Thank you again, Bye!!

Why would you want to use the program without a mixer?

For example in some festivals durning a tour here in Argentina, there is no time to make a sound check, and the time is very short to do all the things, for that reason the best choice is to create a escene with the eq´s, some sends, and any thing for saving time. This not for all the cases and is not the best way to work, but there is so many complicated show.
Once again, sorry for my english.

I see. Unfortunately, the program was not designed that way.


Don´t worry, thanks for your time Andy.

You can make a “preset” with all your routings, EQ, FX etc, but you cannot store “recalls” in SM-whilst the desk is disconnected.
I have several set ups depending what the desk is being asked to do.
so i save them on SM and recall, do a fast sync and the desk follows what SM shows.

I dont really see the point of being able to pre programme the board in SM to do a complete show, you cant hear anything. and as said before SM wasnt designed like that.
Id like to see many enhancements in SM to make using the LS9 more Engineer friendly, but on the whole it works very well.


Hey Dan;

I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. The OP was talking about using SOF “offline” and I was saying that my program (SOF) was not designed to be used that way. SM of course is used “offline” all the time. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

sorry, need to read slower, use brain slower :slight_smile: