Yamaha PM5D sysex & SCP?

Hey everybody, hope you’re safe and well.

I picked up a used PM5D (non-RH) to experiment with. Is sysex, through the usb interface, the only and/or the best way to work with this desk?

I have a SCP question! I just found the midi implementation chart on Yamaha’s site. It looks very comprehensive (I’m able to program, eg building/sending/receiving/parsing sysex).

I don’t think there’s SCP available on these older models, so I simply wonder if there’s any particular technical advantage to SCP , other than the way it looks to the human eye? In other words, are there things that SCP on (say) a QL desk can do, that makes it superior to sending/receiving sysex strings?

Not sure I’m explaining myself well, so please be gentile :slight_smile:

Not the only way… Whether it’s the best or not depends on what you’re looking to do.

If you’re into MIDI SysEx and you happen to be running a Windows computer, download YammieQ to see what’s possible!

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Nope, no advantage to SCP that I know of, except maybe that it’s the only documented control system for the TF.

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Thanks @Andy ! I just downloaded YammieQ earlier and will give it a go :slight_smile: I’m on Win10, fwiw.

I’m looking for as much control and bi-directional data flow (asking for parm values, getting metering data) as quickly as possible, meaning at something a little faster than the 5-pin MIDI serial protocol data rate, haha!

Is this the right place to ask for SoF? I’ve looked for a download link but came up empty handed.

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Yeah, the forum is still a bit of a mess. Slowly working my way through the links and so on.

Let me know if you see anything else missing.

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Thank you, and glad to! I do QA (everything from website/app to back end IT testing), so if you want any help with that, let me know.