Yamaha-SCP Module for Companion

Companion module to control CL/QL and TF consoles using the SCP protocol. I think the Rivage may use this protocol as well, but I haven’t checked. All indicators are this is the protocol Yamaha will use going forward. Rios and other modern Yamaha products support it.


Learn about StreamDeck here.
Learn about Companion here.

I have re-written this Companion SCP module from scratch. Had to teach myself JavaScript, figure out how to write a module for companion (with little documentation), and work out how to use GitHub. Not to mention learn how SCP works.
Post here your experiences with it if you like. Bugs, Suggestions, etc. should probably be posted on GitHub.

This is really interesting as also a fan of Streamdeck. How do I install the module? (running Companion v2)

Just download the latest beta.

Are you using the CL, QL or TF console with Companion?

Brilliant, done!

QL,TF and TF Rack. I don’t own either, but do use them regularly.

One question: what is the difference between StIn and StInCh ?

I think they’re actually the same! I’m not sure why Yamaha has them twice. The issue is that it returns one or the other as a message from the console, so I have to include both for feedback purposes. When I have more time I plan to look into that more carefully.

Please write back when you’ve had a chance to try it, it’s my first go at JavaScript, Companion and writing a module, so I’m expecting a bug or two!!

TF1 186 ch1 on works, including feedback.

The parameters list is on GitHub.

TF1 219 and 220 channel to bus send numbering is off by 1.
Send channel 1 to mix 1 sends it to mix 2. 0 is not accepted as a ToMix input value.

Connecting TF Editor causes a Javascript error in the module.
Likewise using a button while TF Editor is connected.
Connecting StageMix TF iPad and using a button is no problem.

2 times, associated with this log:

  1. 15:37:52 instance(yamaha-scp): Received from device: NOTIFY ssupdate_ex scene_a 1 NOTIFY ssupdate_ex scene_a 1

  2. 15:37:46 instance(yamaha-scp): Received from device: NOTIFY ssupdate_ex scene_a 1

Very brief test with a TF5 today, seemed to work ok. Will try with a TF-Rack in the next day or two. Not been able to do extensive testing yet, so not as detailed as Dan’s posts above.

Is this with the file I sent you?

There’s a bug fix coming, if I can get a better handle on GitHub…

New version is up. Download the latest companion and this bug should be fixed now.

Also the QL should work better and TF commands have been adjusted.

TF Editor no longer crashes the module.
219 220 send ToMix 1 still addresses Aux 2.
I won’t see a QL for a while.

Thank you, Dan. Looks like there’s gonna be a few of those “off by 1” commands that need fixing. Once I get some time with my CL (hopefully next week) I’m going to try and run through every command to see which others have that issue, and then come up with a fix that fixes them all.

I’m missing a few TF commands too that I need to add.

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