03d control

I’m a new user if this forum, im looking for a way to control my 03d via midi onto my MacBook and ultimately on my iPad. I know the 03d is a very old unit but is a great piece with some pretty solid pre amps to it. If there is any way simple or complex Id really like to get this to work for my live sound gigs. I work with almost every other desk out there through my iPad and if I can get my 03d to work the same way I’d be a really happy dude.

There used to be a piece of commercial software called the Visualizer that was written for the 03D. It was made by a company called C-MEXX, but they seem to have disappeared or gone out of business. I don’t know of any other written software for controlling the 03D. Sorry!

I know this is an older thread but I was searching for an answer to the same problem. I contacted Yamaha since on the back of my 03D there is an “editor” connection but Yamaha says there is no software for it.
Were you able to find anything?

Nada. Sorry.

The Virtualizer software still seems to be for sale, at least here: http://www.midi-classics.com/sw/sw13345.htm
But I would be very wary, since C-MEXX seems to have gone out of business…