A simple thank you and future request

As title. I’ve used a few of the RCP commands for swapping channels (e.g. turning one channel off and another on) on various events for a year or so now. But I recently came across the AV Tech Talks 032 video where you dive into the Midi module for Companion.

I wanted to say thanks for the development of both. The Midi module has really expanded how I use my Stream Deck with the Yamaha CL/QL consoles. It’ll really speed up the work flow.

I spent some time with console and companion today and there are a couple of other things I was wondering if it was possible to implement. The first is to set the color of a selected channel? And the second would be to recall a preset library to the selected channel?

My usage in this case was setting up scenes with mic plots for either headworn mics or handhelds. These are distinguished by color (and some can also be named at this pre-prod stage). I then have the event next week so can set channel EQ and a rough gain for both types of mic. It would be great to be able to set color in Pre-prod today. And be able to recall a particular EQ library preset once this is known. I’ve seen the ability to set the variables of each band via a button. But I prefer the idea of saving an EQ and recall that to a channel.

Many thanks Jonnie

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Thank you for your kind words.

I’m currently working on updating the MIDI module to v3 but haven’t been able to test it yet, I should be able to in a few weeks.

Changing channel colors is already there in the RCP module (InCh/Label/Color)

But, recalling a library to the selected channel is definitely a MIDI only feature.

Keep in mind you can have both running at the same time, and a button can perform an RCP command as well as a MIDI command. I would recommend though that you wait until I release the v3 MIDI module as the v3 RCP module has improvements as well and it would make sense to use the latest of both modules.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll look forward to the release of the version 3 module.

I did see the RCP color label command. But I could only get it to work on specific channels. Rather than the selected channel. There was the option to use “” (screenshot attached)

But that didn’t seem to work. I’m on a Mac OS 12 ARM64 with Companion v2.4.2. But I don’t want to distract from v3 development.

Didn’t realize you were looking to Color the selected channel. RCP doesn’t support the selected channel, that’s a MIDI function only.

In 2.4.2, use the MIDI module and the macro recorder to find the command to change the channel Color.

Just FYI, I’ve finally updated the MIDI module to work with Companion v3. Would love for you to try it out and let me know how it works for you.
You should be able to set the color for the selected channel using that module, as well as recall channel library for a selected channel (or anything else!)

Hi Andy, That sounds really promising. And I’d love to try it out. I’ve finnaly got some time to start playing with v3 of companion and the two modules. I’ve got a couple of nights ‘babysitting’ a CL. So plenty of time to try things out.
Cheers Jonnie

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