Add Variable Support for New Triggers Functionality


Would it be easy to include all of your instance feedback as variables as well?
This would allow the new companion builds with the Variable Trigger menu to read a on/off state just like your instance feedback does now, but be used to trigger other companion buttons.

Example use case: We are using a QL5 console to create Mix- sends for a cheap mans IFB solution. Companion is turning on/off channels to the Mix- mix, ducking the program audio, and routing the talents mic back to a speaker for the producer who pushed the companion button. We would like for the companion instance you’ve created to have everything in the instance feedback available as a companion variable with on/off or yes/no returns that we can program, using the new triggers menu, an automated secondary command button when the console state changes. So if the producer turns their IFB on and the stage manager already had their IFB on it would route their mics to each other so they could hear each other conversations.

Thank you again for an amazing tool.

Thank you for your kind words!

I have to say, though, this is the first I’ve heard of this “new triggers menu”… Is there some documentation on that?

It’s in development and not released to the core yet, just in beta builds. Here is a link to the GitHub implementation:
It is very useful for time of day based triggers to auto trigger a button push, but can also be used for modules that have a “variable” return built into the module. It gives companion some automation with if/when/and type statements.

Guess I missed the memo on that one!

Clicking “Add Trigger” on the latest build isn’t doing anything so I’ll have to dig in a bit to see how it’s implemented.
Thanks for the heads up!

Which module are you using? SCP or MIDI?

We are using the SCP module.

Copy. The big issue for me with Variables is there’d be literally 1000’s of them, if you take into account every parameter for every channel/mix/DCA etc.

If the variables system had replaceable parameters for let’s say, the channel # or something, that would at least be workable for some parameters, but there’d still be dozens of parameters and sub-parameters for every channel…

I hope to speak to the designers of companion at some point to see if there’s a way to implement dynamic variables. For now, I just use the feedback system which seems to work ok…

Looks like you already put in the request to support feedback! Let’s see what they say.