After Firmware update !!!

After updating to the latest firmware on this site, my older(non removeable antenna 650’s) and newer 550’s and 650’s now all have the same unit private ID of 1234567891 and also now none of them will talk to CPS on serial cable. How do I change the ID and why aren’t they communicating over the serial port ? They are all at factory default programming as well. Reminds me of the unofficial Waris upgrade etc. Any ideas ? My original intent was so all these radios would talk to each other in private and public groups !!! Brian

Did you follow the flashing instructions to the letter? My first guess is that you didn’t do the factory reset.

Let’s get the ID sorted out and then look at the CPS issue.

How did you make out?

Got them fixed thanks !!! Sure wish I could land on a pair of dtr 2450’s I have some thins I would like to try with those. If anyone has a pair please contact me !!! Brian nb9e

What was the fix?? This information can greatly help others in case they run into the same problem.

I’m sure the “fix” was to follow the instructions as I mentioned.