Alternatives to Motorola DTR Flash Cable

Hello Everyone,

I have 2 DTR650 radios that I was able to configure through the serial cable. I bought a 3rd one on eBay and when I tried to configure it to talk to the other 2, I got a message saying I first needed to upgrade the firmware.

Doing some research online I found that Amerizon Wireless used to sell the flash upgrade cable (USB), however it looks like is now discontinued (

Does anyone have one I can borrow? (Or that is selling it). I just need to upgrade the firmware (for the 3 DTRs I guess).

Any guidance is appreciated,


Here’s another place you can get one.

Thanks Andy!

I saw the cable costs $80. Even though is desirable to update the firmware on all 3 radios, there’s only one of them I am having issues with.

I am weighing if is worth buying it or not. I read that if you have the keyboard, you can do the programming as well. Do you think this can be an option as well? (Of course, I wouldn’t upgrade any radio, but that might also OK).


Sorry if this has already been answered, but confirming the serial cable does not work for flashing? Has anyone found a place to buy the flash cable? I’m out of luck looking.


No it’s only the USB cable listed above (or the DIY cable as described in this thread) that works.

Has anyone found a place to buy the flash cable? I’m out of luck looking.

Tough to find anymore!

i may have found some:)Motorola iDEN Serial Data Cable NKN6544B (Replacement cable only - additional software required lloks like it

I do not see anything in this thread about building a DIY cable, even though it is mentioned. What am I missing?

It’s literally in the very first sticky post in this forum!

How to buildyouown flash cable

Yeah. Sorry i literally found it 30 seconds after posting that.