Any way to disable all DTR650/550 Beeps?

I may be SOL, but is there any way to disable all of the beeps and tones that the DTR650 produces? Specifically the beginning- and end-of-receive tones (“roger” beeps). I know you can disable them for the DLR series, but I’m not seeing any equivalent options in CPS for the DTR650?

Hey Russell;

Been a long time since I programmed one but I thought they could be eliminated.

The TPT offset doesn’t have an off setting?

Talk Permit Tone (TPT) Offset Volume: volume level setting.
NOTE: For TPT Offset, the volume can only be changed by highlighting TPT Offset and then pressing the Volume Control keys.

And setting the Ringer volume to 0 doesn’t kill the Rodger tone?

The TPT offset doesn’t have an off setting in the radio or in the most recent CPS (it bottoms out at -13, but a bit of playing around suggests that the effective value of “speaker volume” + “TPT offset” cannot be less than 1, so the TPT will always make some sound), and the only volume that seems to impact the beginning- and end-of-receive tones is the speaker volume itself (Ringer and Keypad are set to zero).

In truth, the Talk Permit Tone I actually want to keep, since it communicates useful information and only ever happens because of a user’s own actions. It’s really the RX-related tones that I’d like to make disappear, but this may not be possible.