atten / eq gain resolution

might someone with a real console at hand please verify the resolution of the attenuator (in eq) for me?
I’d like to know whether there is a way to input fine values or if it there are just 1dB-steps… (on a M7CL you can hold some knobs pressed down while rotating to get finer resolution)

studio manager only allows 1db-steps, but the file format allows 0.1db steps and studio manager doesn’t complain about finer values but as well gets confused by them.

the same would be interesting for eq-gain values


I just ran into a M7 so I could try it out. Atten resolution is 1dB, EQ 0.5dB

Funny that the format allows for finer resolution than is possible with the consoles. Maybe for future possibilities?

if I set the atten to maybe 0.3dB studio manager does accept that and shows this value.
if I now enter a new value or rotate the control the shown value will always be off by 0.3dB with a very strange behaviour, it is not possible to reset it to 0dB…
would be interesting, how a console behaves, but I’m not sure if I would dare to try

So even when pressing down the encoder on the M7 the resolution is still only 1db? Obviously there no “press down” (fine) mode on SM…

correct, no finer resolution by pressing down an encoder
in SM the way to fine resolution is entering numbers

Hi Y’all,

The .1db resolution is a feature on the old 01V96, dropped on the LS9.
For live use, I occasionally appreciate the fine resolution, but really, the faster changes on the LS9 usually work fine for me…

Good health, Weogo