Auto Naming on TF

OK, that’s nutty. I have one button that turns on Ch1 in Send1, and feedbacks the name and color.
I set up a second button InCh/Fader/On My Channel, InCh/Fader/Off My Channel, and then when I add Feedback InChFader/On the first button’s name changes to Blue, its color, before I get a chance to assign the second button to My Channel.
Speaking of which, how do I tell it what channel to reference with My Channel?

Hmm… Yeah, the feedback seems to be somewhat instantaneous. Would likely be better if there were an “apply” button or something. However, when you finish setting it properly, things hopefully should work as expected.

The “My Channel” is on the settings page. I’ll have to look to see if the instructions say that, I can’t remember…

The instantaneous part wasn’t a problem. The name changing from KICK to Blue (the button color) was.

Oh, ok. Weird shit happens while feedback is being edited, so I wasn’t sure if that’s what you were seeing.

Is the problem reproducible?

Let me know if you are still finding a bug with this.

Ah, My Channel is under Edit on the Instance.

Yes, feedback is still wonky. I haven’t been able to reproduce the name changing to Blue from a fresh start, but here’s a similar simple one that is reproducible.

I start with a blank Deck, no buttons.
I add a button, Latch/Toggle selected, InCh/Fader/On, Up InCh/Fader/On, feedback InCh/Label/Name and InCh/Fader/On with On unchecked, all default CH1. The button doesn’t change, blank black.
Quit and restart Companion.
Button is labeled KICK, correctly displays mute status.
I toggle the button a couple times, it works.
Now in the InCh/Fader/On feedback, I click on the On checkbox. The button name changes from KICK to 0.

Does it stay as “0” after a restart?

Nope, restart cleans it up.

Ok, then also try recalling a scene instead of restart and see if that also resets it.
Recalling a scene polls the console for the status and refreshes the feedback.
There’s unfortunately, no method in companion to “let the module know” that a feedback setting (or action, or most anything) has changed, otherwise I’d force-poll when anything gets changed. (If polling DOES actually fix the problem)

Recalling a scene on the desk doesn’t change anything. Or did you mean a configuration in Companion?

No, I meant recalling a scene on the console. Ok, then what if you hit disable and then enable on the instance?

Just trying to see if there’s anything other than restarting the companion app that fixes this?

Just doing some additional testing, it looks like feedback can break in certain situations, like the one you said and also others. I’m not going to work on that part ATM, because there’s a workaround, and one of the companion dev’s is updating how feedback works after I had a conversation with him, so that part of the code is likely to get an update and hopefully that will be a better fix.

Thanks for the feedback as always!

Feedback has been re-done from scratch in 1.3.6. Hopefully this fixes the TF feedback issue.

Let me know.

Nope. Behaves a little differently, but it still managed to replace the name with something else.

Darn. Thanks for checking.