Behringer WING + more Compagnion options

Hey i’m new to the forum and really looking forward to use the Compagnion Version to Control the QL5 on next weeks gig!

Besides that i’m looking into buying a digital console for myself and noticed that the Behringer Wing is a absolute beast when it comes to functionality, flexibility, dsp power,…! (for that price point)
I really dont support a lot of Behringers product policy and i rarely use Behringer products in my job but this thing is awesome, “sadly”

I got a stream deck pretty recently and was checking out the possible options of controlling desks (why i ended up here :wink: )
I think that the options for controlling the wing are somehow limited or at least i have some ideas for possible actions.

Can someone explain me, how you setup/create such a “connection” for the compagnion or add actions.
Sorry, if i understand the setup wrong. I’m new to the stream deck and the compagnion world.

I also asume that this question might be better placed at a bitfocus forum. But now i’m here :slight_smile:
maybay someone has something the add
thank you

And also: if someone owns a Wing or has worked with some. I would be really interested in your opinions!
I think you find a lot of tutorials and review videos online but not a lot of honest, first hand experienced opinions on this desk

Welcome, Renieh!

I have an X32 rack but know nothing about the Wing.
Best place to get all your answers on the companion module will be from the programmer himself or his web site.
To the left of each instance name is a little ? box that you can click to get instructions on how to use the module and there’s also a little bug icon that you can click to get directed to the site where you can report bugs, or contact the programmer.

If you have not used companion before, then make sure to look at the instructions and videos online. There’s millions.
Start here: Companion - Bitfocus AS

awesome thank you!