Behringer x32 Digital Consoles

Look for user opinions about the Behringer X32 mixer. Any issues or problems experienced . Also in trick or Tweeks.

Hi Guys,

Please let me know if I can answer any questions about the X32.
I have extensive X32 experience including working with many touring engineers and venues using X32 consoles.

Best Regards,
Joe Sanborn
Manager, Product Support

Hello Joe,

I am just hi-jacking this thread hoping that you will have subscribed to it. I am finding the Behringer Ipad app less and less useful as your consoles get older, because almost nobody updates their firmware on a regular basis. This is true of all of the console apps… you are not alone. I carry all of the firmware updates, but I cannot force a supplier to perform the upgrade, especially in a time-constrained situation.
Could you not build in backwards compatibility (even with reduced functionality) or maybe keep the best of the old apps (before each firmware update) available on the app store so that we can choose to make one of them work when required?

Thank you,