Bob with hat attempt

Show with multiple scenes on QL/CL.
I have an actor preset in channel library and I recall that before show. Next on rehersal and during the show a twek the parameters of EQ. Everything accept channel on and level is recall safe so when I change compressor, eq it will fallow on every scene. Now in one I want to have different eq. And than how to go back to previous eq on another scene?

I can make a que link with autoupdate for scene before bob with hat and one after but how to “catch” parameters of eq without touching everything? Something like get(chanell 11 eq parameters) :slight_smile:
Or how to catch eq parameters when recalling a channel library? Is it possible without touching every eq parameter?

I know that I can do that with focus recall (not recall safe the eq), recall every scene with eq unchecked in focus recall and only on scene with bob with hat recall the eq. But how to go back to previous scene eq when I changed that and is different than saved in next scene?

Do you have a solution for that scenario?

It’s one of the limitations (or benefits depending on how you look at it). Scene recalls do not send all the parameter values.
Only moving the parameter will send that message to be recorded. So, yes, you do have to “touch” each parameter to get it recorded. Turn it and turn it back.

A while ago I added a cue for flat eq on an LS9 to save time, but didn’t do one for the CL.

Really, though, you only need to change back the parameters you want to reset. If you don’t need the HPF or EQ type to change, then you don’t need to record that.

Made one for you.

Thank you. I watched the video how to do that.

Another one: Can I make something like relative change? Change for 5dB not to +5dB? :slight_smile:

I always wanted to be able to do relative as well as absolute, but it turns out it’s remarkably hard, so I passed on it.