Boy would I love to remap the ST IN knobs on the LS9!

What great real time FX controls they would make.
Reverb time, filters etc.
Anybody know if u can address these parameters via midi?

Are you looking to control the internal FX parameters or external FX?

Internal parameters. Actually, not just fx. I never use them for their intended purpose.
Ideally, they’d be a rotary version of the UDKs.

Ok, well the procedure would be the same, regardless of what parameter you want to control via the ST IN knobs.

There’s 2 issues - The first being that you can’t disable the main function of those controls. The ST IN knobs would still control the Stereo IN volumes unless you are working on the custom layer and leave them unassigned. The other issue is you’ll need an external computer translating the MIDI messages to make this work. I’ve never tried this and don’t have access to a Yamaha console to test this so you’ll have to do the testing yourself, but I’m quite confident it will work.

Basically, you’ll be using a MIDI control change message to control the parameter on the console you want to adjust with a particular ST IN knob. In the MIDI setup page you can assign any control change message to most any parameter on the console. What messages they are isn’t important, as long as the parameter that you’re looking to control and the ST IN knobs HAVE control change messages assigned to them. If it were me, I’d clear all the messages EXCEPT the ST IN and the parameters you want to control and just assign each of them unique Control Change messages. You can also do this with NRPN messages and “Parameter Change” (Sysex) messages but if you’re new to MIDI, Control Change (CC) messages are probably easiest.

Then you’ll need a program on your computer like Bome’s MIDI translator to convert the incoming MIDI message from the ST IN knob and spit out a MIDI message corresponding to the parameter that you want to control.

For example, if you have ST IN 1 set to send CC 1, and FX 1 Parameter 1 (the parameters change depending on what kind of FX it is) set to CC 2, then in Bome’s, you need to create a translation table that takes the value of CC 1 and sends out that same value, but for CC 2.

On the LS9, you have to have CC messages set to receive and transmit, of course. MIDI channel is not important as long as it’s the same as what Bome’s expects.

So that’s the basics of it. If you’re new to MIDI and so on this can seem complicated, but I’m sure it would work. Just depends on the effort you’re willing to take to make it happen. I’ll help you troubleshoot it, but you’ll need to learn about Bome’s (or some other MIDI translator program) and what MIDI CC messages are and how to set the MIDI settings on the LS9…

Instead of Bome’s, you could also use a hardware device like MIDI Solutions Event Processor.

Oh, right. That’s kind of a dealbreaker. For me, at least, two knobs isn’t worth 8 input channels.