Let me know if this isn’t the proper place to report those.

Whenever I close a session in CL editor without first stopping the connection I get an error message and the program freezes.

Error message:
Critical Error
"An Error has occurred! Please contact the Author.

Shall we try to Save anyway?"

When I pick “no”, the program tries to close the ports according to the dialog box, but finally freezes and closes.

Thank you, Micha. Yes, this is the place to report any bugs, questions, comments or whatever about YammieQ.

I see the problem you are describing and can reproduce it. I thought I had that fixed, but it seems to still occur. I’ll keep working on it, thank you for reporting it.

The workaround for now, of course, is to close YammieQ before closing the editor.

Fixed bug. Program (v0.7.3) does not crash now if you close the CL editor before YammieQ.
If you open the CL Editor again, you’ll need to open the YammieQ Options window, disconnect and follow the normal reconnect procedure.

Let me know if this fix is working for you?