Cable for CPS

I have the Firmware flash cable NNTN6367A and I flashed no problem two each DTR-650’s. I have a few questions, why am I having comm problems reading the radios in the new cps 5.0 with this cable? Win 7 home professional. It shows comm 1 comm 10 and comm 3 as comm port choices. None work in data or flash switch position on cable? I tried auto detect and selected DTR as radio type. Is there a better usb driver for this cable?

That cable is only for flashing the firmware.
You need a different cable for CPS, along with a USB to RS-232 adapter.

A cable like this.

Can a surplus Nextel iDen or similar cable be used with CPS software. One like the one in the link below:

Like I said…
The cable above is the one you need.

Poorly worded question on my part. I’m wondering if the connector opposite the USB connector (Falcon?) is compatible with a DTR series radio.

So you’re looking to build your own cable or something? The radio end fits, but so what? The USB connection is useless. You have to use RS-232 for CPS.
With some effort, that cable can be used for Flashing the Radio. See here.

Cables actually. I have a homebrew protocol/voltage level converter circuit board that I built some time ago with discrete components. As Lap tops with a 9 pin RS232 connector are becoming rare it allows me to configure various pieces of gear that still use RS232 vice USB interfaces. It should also be feasible to use a couple of those cables, hardwired into my vehicle, as charging cables for when I’m on the road. The next project will be to buy a cheapo speaker/mic and re-wire the audio cable to use with my hearing aid controller to route the audio to my hearing aids.

I had a chance to walk test my two 550’s on a job site the other day and came away impressed with how well they performed. My co-workers saw that they are much more than just another toy.

Has anyone managed to build the cable for CPS programming?