Can Ls9 control Midi Playback devices

Had a tour that is thinking of new digital consoles and wanted to know if an Ls9 can control Midi devices for sound track playback? Anyone know how and if they can?

Hi Ketch;

All Yamaha digital consoles receive and transmit MIDI.
I guess the questions are: what exact product are you trying to control, what MIDI messages does it need to receive, and what controls do you want to use to transmit the messages from the LS9?

I’m interested in MIDI out of the console as well. I use an LS9 in a club setting and would love to be able to use the MIDI out to be able to trigger lighting looks from across the wifi connect.

Anyone know anything about that type of bridging?

Sure. First find out the MIDI messages that the lighting console needs.

easy and cheesy…note on and note offs

Note On/Note Off can’t be done with the LS9, but if it responds to Control Changes or Program Changes, then you’ll have something…

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At least that’s some place to start. I have a MIDI Solutions Event processor to make alterations for me.