Can't get midi module working

Hey Andy

I’m having some issues. With the official 2.1 the SCP module works fine and my SD works as expected.
With your custom 2.1.1 build the SD doesn’t connect even after rescanning. The SCP module works as expected.
However the midi module shows no status and doesn’t appear to record macros.

Unrelated this error appears with your build
module(haivision-connectdvr): Error loading module: Error: ‘darwin-x64’ binaries cannot be used on the ‘win32-x64’ platform. Please remove the ‘node_modules/sharp/vendor’ directory and run ‘npm install’.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Mac or Windows?
I’m not sure I understand, with the downloaded build from here:
Is the SD connecting?
Is the SCP module connecting to your console and working properly?
What does the log show?

I’ll assume you’re on Windows. I just checked on Win7/x64 and the modules work fine, but as you say, the SD isn’t recognized. That’s a companion bug - I’ve raised the issue with them and hopefully they’ll be a fix soon!

Yes windows. The SCP module works fine. The midi module doesn’t. The logs doesn’t show anything. Is there something else you need to have running to connect the midi? I’ll try on another machine and rule out my laptop

You said “The logs doesn’t show anything”. You mean they’re blank? Something’s REALLY wrong then.

Here’s what the logs look like on my computer:

OMG disable then reenable got it going. Did you have that written down somewhere? I missed that step.

Thanks legend

It’s probably a bug in Companion. I find that adding modules and deleting them usually requires a disable and re-enable for whatever reason…

However, the Windows issue with the SD is something new and I’m looking into that…

Windows looks to be fixed. Give the latest build a try (just uploaded it) and let me know.

YESSSSSSSSSSSS, that appears to be all good now. MAAAAAAATE love it