Capturing Yamaha Messages and some other ?'s

Hey Andy,

Thanks for all the work you’ve done with companion with working with streamdeck.

I’m learning a lot. Luckily I have a bit of experience with some of the Yamaha protocols as I’ve done a fair amount of work with Palladium (making custom messages and mixer files). That was a bit different since I wasn’t using SCP. I was using a midi interface directly to the console.

. I have a Stream Deck+
. I have a CL1,CL3,CL5, QL5, and QL1 (mostly work on the CL5)
. I’m currently using your V3 Companion Build. (RCP v3.0.4)
. I’m using the work around method with pages since the macro presets aren’t currently working.
. I also tried out your “Demo Page and Macros-5.” Pretty cool stuff. Is there a way to prevent your channel/mix/values to not go lower than 0 or infinite? For example if I’m on channel 1 and turn the encoder to the left I get -1.

I’m not as familiar with SCP and I’d like to add some functionality that I know is possible to capture…but I don’t know how. Going back to my experience with palladium, I used pocket midi to capture the message that was bypassing my automixer and assigned that to a specific aux message. Is there a workflow you’ve found to achieve the same kind of thing?

One of my hopes is to have one of the encoders take me to my dynamic eq page as well as control the threshold. I use the same CL template file so it the “location” of my effects/premium racks would stay the same. I mix a lot of musical theatre as well as corporate and would love to implement some of these tools.

I expect there would be a way, either with a supported function or a trigger. Didn’t matter for the demo though…

The way to check what SCP command a certain control sends is to watch the module log while adjusting something on the console.
On the connections page, click the >_ button beside the module name to open the module log.
Then move a fader or something to see the RCP message. Try some other controls.
If you see a message coming from the console in the log, then that’s a parameter that can be adjusted. No message, no control, unfortunately! Which controllable parameters are available is chosen by Yamaha.

Not possible with the RCP module, but perhaps with my MIDI module. It hasn’t been updated for v3 yet, sadly.

The MIDI Module for companion v3 is available for testing now.

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