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So would it also be possible to add the internal custom variables to the label/name field as well? We change names every single week and i would like to just have a bank of names and pick which input/output to rename. I’ll do whatever testing you need! i am just very code illiterate right now but am trying to learn what i can. Thanks for all your time on this project!

Is it a channel or bus name that you want shown on the button?

Either or i think. The way that i was hoping to have it work is Name on button. Button press changes the variable to button name or uses “set custom variable”. Then press input/bus label change button and it pulls the name to change to from the custom variable.

Ok, well there’s a couple of ways to do this.

What I would do is to use the InCh/Label/Name or Mix/Label/Name feedback to automagically change the text of that button to the name of the person. That way when you rename that channel or mix, the name on the button follows, even if it’s changed when you change a scene…

The other way would be to use a custom variable for the button text which you change the value of in companion.

If you want to send me your RCP page I can show you what I mean.

Sure i can send that. What/how do i send that? Also just for clarification i’m looking to rename the channel strips on the console from the streamdeck using a bank of names. An example of what i mean: We have a FOH CL5 and a Monitors CL3. I would like to have 1 button Change the name of CH43 on the CL5, CH43 on the CL3, and MTX 1 on the CL3 to whatever the stored custom variable is. After rereading my response i see where i could have caused confusion. Sorry about that.

You can attach it here or send me a DM and attach it there if you want it private.

Ah, I thought you were looking for the button names to change on the SD, not the channel names on the console.
Why not use scenes to change the names on the console?
Or if you want to use the SD, why not a page of buttons with names instead of using a variable?
Just curious…

Every week it can change who is singing on any of the 5 mics/iem packs so having the flexibility to pick a name and have it rename on both consoles (both input/output) is the core of what i’m looking for. I just figured a custom variable would be the best way to store and use data in a common place.

i was hoping to avoid using an entire page or 2 just to rename the consoles. I’ve attached what i think it would work like if i did do it this way.
Companion page export

Can you tell me what the RCP page is you are talking about? or link to an example?

I have been doing a bunch of digging and i think the best way i can ask for what i’m after is to be able to use expressions in any text field for sending data to the console.

Ok, added the ability to use variables for text fields in the latest build.

Here’s a test based on your page, you’ll need to add appropriate custom variables (I think)

Wonderful! You are a saint Andy! I’ll be able to test it out tomorrow morning and provide as much feedback as i can. Thanks man!

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Hey Andy! Have been using that build for the past few days and so far haven’t encountered any bugs. Works exactly as i need it to. Appreciate your work on this! I’ll let you know if i run into any issues.


Excellent! Glad to hear it.
There’s a new build up today, if you don’t mind testing it. It has the same functions but I did away with the “My Channel” settings since they can be now done using the Custom Variables. Just like to see if I added any bugs.
Much appreciated!

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I can certainly do that! I won’t be able to get to testing that until next Monday though but i’ll let you know when, if, i run into anything.


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Hello all!
I am unsure if I have discovered a bug, or if I’m doing something incorrectly.
When attempting to set InCh/Label/Name with an custom variable, instead of sending the text stored within the variable, companion will attempt to send $(internal:custom_myVar), of which the QL5 limits down to the first 8 characters.
Both companion and QL5 are up-to-date.

Any assistance is appreciated,

I’ll check that. Thank you for reporting it!

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Just checked it. Works fine for me. Can you do some screenshots of your variables page and log?

Here are my screenshots. My next course of action would be a clean install of companion.

You’re not running my build. My changes haven’t been incorporated into the bitfocus build.
Download the build here and give it a try.

My bad! I didn’t realize it was a separate build… :sweat_smile: Works like a charm!
Thanks a bunch!

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