Change Recorder Issues and Improvements

I could well be wrong, but I think that the right hand window of CR plays the contents of the recorded left hand window regardless of whether I have pressed “add” before I press “GO”. I should check that really before I post, I am very probably wrong but if I am correct then it is not what I expected. It was not what I intended when I pressed go, and I will have to think about the utility of the action.
For anyone following my post: beware of MidiOx. I have just wasted an hour with CR before I noticed that a Map had been applied to my patch! Probably applied because of some sysex that I sent. I have deleted all entries under “Define program patch mapping” and hope that the problem is never replicated.
David Kent.

Hey David;

Check that if you wouldn’t mind. I don’t have a console in front of me to test that with right now. It certainly should only play the content of the scenes added to the list, but it’s also possible I’ve made a boo-boo.

Another person suggested I should add a “Clear” button instead of having to press Ctrl-A and delete to clear the left side. Not sure if that’s important - what do you think?


Hello Andy, I think that you should be put on a salary. The words Pantry, full, can, and worms come to mind when you invite suggestions.

I have checked, and it was my error, in that I had not stopped recording before pressing “Go” and the recent changes and the “go” changes were written back to the left window, which meant that on the next “go” nothing happened. Maybe the “Go” button should stop the recording and place it in a temporary file, restoring it after the completion of the “Go”, or maybe the two windows should be more separate.

OR maybe COMPLETELY separate, i.e. one single file recorder/player (the left side) and one stack player (the right side). At the moment the right side seems to use the left side to hold its next stack file, which I had then inadvertently written over with the data from the previous “Go”.

As to the addition of a “Clear” button, I have just been pressing “new”, which I think clears and deletes the stored data if the option to save is not chosen.

I would find it better if you had a much reduced “restore down” window available as a “stay on top”. With SM2 running there is not much space left on a single laptop display. Maybe just “record/stop”, “play”, “new” and “save” for the left side, and just “Go Next” for the right side. The “Maximised” window is just fine.

Oh. And also. If you could make it do my job for me and collect the cheque, while I am on holiday…


P.S. I have had everything (and a lot more) running for 24h now. Just one issue - probably xp - a couple of times I have lost a video overlay on VLC (it has gone to black) , and only recovered it after shutting down CR. I cannot understand how it could be CR causing this, so I am looking elsewhere. It will probably never be a good idea to run show video at the same time as mixing from a laptop, but it was part of my soak test.

Thanks for the suggestions. Another user had asked for a separate “edit” and “run” screens. Since once you’ve built your scenes, you don’t need both windows.

If I get some time I will see what I can do.

Glad the program is of some use to you.